Enterprise IT Architecture

The Washington University in St. Louis Enterprise IT Architecture (EA) group uses industry standard IT architecture frameworks and the WUSTL Enterprise IT Architecture principles to develop structure and processes that ensure university-IT alignment. With analysis, strategic design and planning, EA recommends policies and methodologies that guide a consistent approach to IT delivery and achieve desirable IT outcomes.

Enterprise IT Architecture functions:

  • Ensure the alignment of IT strategy and business goals through processes, policies and IT design
  • Manage IT lifecycle, providing recommendations on solution retirements, replacements and acquisition
  • Develop IT standards, policies and best practices

Enterprise IT Architecture provides the following services:

  • IT project design reviews with recommendations based on the EA road map and architectural technology standards
  • IT standards definition to guide technology decisions and to align decisions with the university’s mission
  • Enterprise IT Architecture to design interoperability in IT systems and applications


The Washington University Technology Procurement Policy

The Washington University Technology Procurement Policy provides a defined process for both the new and recurring procurement (through purchase or lease) of computer hardware (costing at least $150,000), software and services (costing at least $50,000) using Washington University funds or grant funds administered by Washington University. The policy will help leverage the IT investment, ensure alignment with the IT strategy and improve the quality of vendor contracts. It is an integral part of both the university’s information technology strategy and overall cost containment strategy to support the institution’s academic missions of teaching, patient care and research.