Project Status: Complete

Telephone & Voice service catalog page

Project Manager: Terry McElroy

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Replace WUSM analog phones with VoIP capable phones.
    • Approximately 5300+ phones
  • Optimize Quality of Service (QoS).
    • Upgrade core and distributed Network Layers.
    • Upgrade 400 48-port edge Switches.
    • Optimize phone call quality.
  • Provide voice service during electrical power interruption.
    • Upgrade UPS throughout network.

Project Scope

Washington University School of Medicine and Telecommunication Facilities Corporation (TFC) have entered into a partnership to upgrade voice services at the Medical School. The most evident change of this project will be a replacement of the current digital handsets throughout the campus with Voice over IP (VoIP) phones. The new phones will have the same features as existing phones, but will be connected through the data network. The project will provide additional value by replacing an aging voice infrastructure and providing the capability for additional and more economical voice services in the future.

The project is expected to run until approximately July, 2017. During this time about 80% or 5300 phones at the Medical School will be upgraded to VoIP. The project team will work building by building, first to upgrade the network infrastructure and then to inventory and replace phone handsets.