Administrative Systems Replacement Roadmap

Program Scope

The Administrative Systems Replacement Roadmap is a WashU initiative to replace the Human Resources, Finance and Student administrative systems with an integrated cloud solution. The Strategic Applications project will develop the technical platform necessary to implement the cloud solution, as well as various applications to support it. Together, these initiatives form the Roadmap’s Core Projects.

Additionally, the program scope includes several Supporting Projects that reduce risk and help achieve the program’s goals.


DATA GOVERNANCE: This process-driven project will expand WashU’s data governance model to address the changes associated with the new systems.

DATA INTEGRATIONS: This project will implement a core platform to manage data integration and improve how we monitor, manage and provide data securely both internally and externally.

DATA WAREHOUSE: This project involves updating and expanding the data warehouse to improve data accuracy and accessibility.

REPORTING & ANALYTICS: This project will develop necessary reports from the data warehouse and ERP applications, as well as simplify how users access data and create reports.

IDENTITY & ACCESS: This project will develop a new access model where systems access is granted based on an employee’s role within the institution. Project work includes design, configuration and integration with WashU systems.

USER EXPERIENCE: This project will simplify how users access WashU systems and information.

SYSTEM RETIREMENTS: This project involves evaluating our old systems, archiving data, filling in any functionality gaps left by the new systems, and finally retiring the old systems.

Program Goals

  1. Improve the ability to collect, report and analyze data important for decision making
  2. Minimize the risk of inconsistent and inaccurate data
  3. Simplify and streamline key business processes
  4. Ensure that systems can be easily maintained and updated over time
  5. Efficiently meet regulatory, compliance and accreditation needs
  6. Provide a positive user experience
  7. Discover and implement opportunities to make the university more efficient and effective

Current Activities

  • Program Setup Activities
    • Business Process Design:  Business Process Inventory
    • Budget Development
    • Program Management Development
    • Change Management:  Assessment Phase
    • Resource Planning
    • Business Case:  Strategy Development
  • Vendor Selection
    • Evaluation Groups Identified
    • Use Case Development

Program Teams

Hank Webber –  Executive Sponsor
Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

Hank Webber –  Executive Sponsor
Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

Amy Kweskin – Representing Finance for Washington University
Vice Chancellor for Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Erin Schuettpelz –  Representing Provost Operations
Associate Provost for Operations

John Gohsman –  Representing Information Technology for Washington University
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer

Ellen Rostand – Representing Public Affairs
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs

Legail Chandler –  Representing Human Resources for Washington University
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Rick Stanton –  Representing Washington University Medical School Deans Office
Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance 

Dedric Carter – Representing Washington University Operational Auxiliaries
Vice Chancellor for Operations & Technology Transfer

Marsha Cannon –  Representing Washington University Medical Business Management
Executive Director of Business Affairs, OB/GYN Research & Operations

Dennis Martin – Representing Danforth Schools
Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences

Susan Plassmeyer – Representing Alumni and Development
Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration & Development

Scott Taylor – Program Manager
Assistant Vice Chancellor of WashU IT Enterprise Applications

Beth Lee – Deputy Program Manager
IT Project Manager III, WashU IT Enterprise Applications

Sasja Huijts – Danforth Lead
Danforth Liaison, Danforth Schools

Mark Womer – Medical School Lead
Director of Business Analytics, Finance (Medical)

Linda Hack – Human Resources Lead
Director of Benefits, Human Resources

Kathleen Schasch – Finance Lead
Director of University Accounting & Reporting, Accounting Services

Sue Hosack – Student Lead
University Registrar, University Registrar

Marc Carlton – Process Lead
Director of Business Process Improvement, Office of EVC Administration

Richard Payton – Governance Lead
Chief of Staff to the EVC for Administration, Office of EVC Administration

Douglas Briggs – Data & Reporting Lead
Director of Enterprise Applications, WashU IT Enterprise Applications

Amy Walter – Planning & Analysis Lead
Senior Director, WashU IT Enterprise Applications

Rooji Sugathan – Design & Build Lead
Senior Director, WashU IT Enterprise Applications

Steve Westlund – Architecture Lead
DirectorWashU IT Enterprise Applications

Additional Members – Coming Soon

Members – Coming Soon


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