Washington University Email Migration and Consolidation

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 More Information: Visit email.wustl.edu

Current Phase: WUSM Email Consolidation, July 2015-July 2016

Project Manager: Mark Lopez

Scope: The email environments across the Washington University School of Medicine  (WUSM) departments and campus.

Status: Completed Successfully in September 2017

Completed Phase: Danforth O365 Initiative, July 2013-Dec. 2014

Project Manager: Rick Tyler

Scope: The email environments of the six schools and Central Fiscal Unit departments located at the Danforth Campus.

Status: Completed Successfully in December 2014

Project Charter

This initiative will create a single, unified collaboration service across Washington University in St. Louis for faculty, staff and students.  This project will establish an email offering that will standardize email services, governance, support, processes and systems across the University and improve organization communication channels.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Establish a governance structure for email as a shared service utilizing Office 365 and a shared on premise Exchange environment. Structure comprised of representatives from schools and departments including IT Leaders and business liaisons to ensure that consistent policies and procedures for use are defined and maintained.
  • Successfully migrate school, student and CFU mailboxes from existing email environments to Microsoft Office 365 or the on premise Exchange environment via locally-based migration teams in coordination with Washington University IT technical support.
  • Ensure consistent communication and marketing of the service to University constituents.
  • Ensure consistent training materials and supporting websites are established for University constituents to use.
  • Establish a master schedule for the migration that meets each area’s timeline.
  • Leverage BJC contact information within the shared email address list for inter-organizational collaboration.