IT Governance

The IT governance structure works to improve the information technology environment at Washington University in St. Louis by developing a coordinated vision of IT that serves the university’s mission and strategic plan.

IT governance focuses on five key areas:

  • Strategic Alignment involves aligning the IT function with university strategy to meet defined university goals and objectives.
  • Risk Management involves examining risks and security objectives across the IT enterprise and implementing protective measures to improve the university’s risk posture.
  • Value Delivery means ensuring economic and benefits values are realized in all IT investments, from project selection to implementation to ongoing management throughout the life cycle.
  • Performance Measurement includes determining and establishing performance measures to define the success of IT projects and services. Measurement of alignment with university strategy, funding allocation and project results are considered.
  • Resource Management includes optimizing IT resource capacity and performance while forecasting future IT needs to plan for changing staffing requirements.

As technology—and the ways in which technology are managed and distributed—evolves, our systems for IT management and distribution must also evolve. Having access to a robust, integrated digital infrastructure that facilitates knowledge sharing, innovative research, and social interaction is critical to the success of Washington University in St. Louis. With IT governance, we address the ever-changing technological needs of the Washington University community and implement a system of review, implementation and measurement to ensure we provide services that not only meet student, faculty and staff expectations, but that also meet or exceed the standards set by our partners in higher education. IT governance provides the structure that enables us to strike the right balance of IT services at the institution, school and department levels.

The IT governance structure operates under a strategic vision and a set of principles that guide decisions of IT investments, resources and scope.

To effectively execute this mission, the IT governance structure at Washington University is organized into three areas:

  • Strategic Governance focuses on strategic alignment with the strategy and objectives of the university and the IT guiding principles. IT services providers regularly provide the IT governance committees with project, services and portfolio health reports for consideration of investment proposals. Through strategic governance, the IT governance structure prioritizes projects and IT investments.
  • Project Governance focuses on project execution to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget, delivering the benefits or services defined in the project proposal.
  • Shared Services Governance focuses on services currently in use, ensuring consistency in quality and monitoring user adoption.