Thank You for Attending the Admin System Demonstrations

As a part of the Administrative Systems Replacement effort, Enterprise Applications recently hosted two open forum demonstrations. These educational sessions provided campus with the opportunity to experience the functionality of modern administrative systems by the top two industry leaders, Oracle and Workday.

“Our goal was to provide campus with the opportunity to experience the powerful and versatile systems on the market today,” said Scott Taylor, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Applications.

The demonstrations were successful, with over 700 attendees across 35 sessions.

What’s next for the Admin System Replacement?

  • Continue educating the university community.
  • Engaging with peer universities and key WashU sponsors to learn & adapt our approach.
  • Developing a strategic approach for organizing the endeavor.
  • Getting Ready: Assessing and developing the abilities necessary to be successful.
  • Refining the business case for the administrative systems replacement.