Performance Support Portfolio

Performance Support Analysts (PSAs) work with project teams and subject matter experts to determine training needs in order to produce effective, customer approved, training plans. Powered by their expertise in instructional design and adult learning methodology, PSAs will then take the lead in producing and delivering training materials. Our customers provide subject matter experts to work closely throughout the process to confirm accuracy of content and assist with training logistics.

Training materials and delivery methods may include online courses (elearning), videos, webinars, in-person instructor-led trainings (ILTs), in-person help sessions, PowerPoint presentations, job aides / quick guides, and instructional web pages. Determining the training delivery method is based on content and audience.

Examples Produced by our PSA Team:


Training and Support Webpages

Online Courses (eLearning)


Training and Support Materials

Guidelines for a Great Meeting 06.21.17

Guidelines for a Great Meeting Poster


Research Management System Conflict of Interest Submission Quick Guides

BJCWashU IT Integration Process Image

BJC/WashU IT ServiceNow Incident Integration Process Instructor Led Training


Creating Content for Adults in 3 Easy Steps Guide


Creating Online Content Guide


Learn@Work Reporting Jeopardy

LatW Reporting Made Easy

Learn@Work Reporting Made Easy Guide


Box Basics Instructor Led Training

Training Plans

RMS PDPTAT Training and Support Plan

PAAMCO Training and Support Plan

To request performance support for your project, complete the Performance Support Request Form.